1. A band from New York City, with an eclectic sound drawing on roots, pop, and a bunch of other sources

2. A theater collective that creates new actor-musician musicals, several of which explore complex moments in the “American Mythos” and unpack these narratives through music and story

3. People who hang out and/or play music in a lobby

Up Next…

We are returning to Little Island!

“Tickets now on sale for the first public performances of MISS MITCHELL, The Lobbyists’ newest musical, part of Little Island’s 2nd Annual Storytellers Festival.”

Showtime: 8pm

Tickets:  $45 (General) $25 (Ages 25 & Under / Ages 65 & Over)

Location: The Amph @ Little Island

ISLAND GIRLS, our latest single is now available to stream

Around the Campfire with The Lobbyists

A new musical narrative audio play experience

Lobbycast is now live!

From your favorite NY theater collective The Lobbyists, comes Lobbycast! This unique podcast runs the gamut from micro-musicals to interviews and song circles.

Please read our statement regarding the rising Anti-Asian Attacks in America.

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