In the lobby with The Lobbyists

For the few of you who may not know, our name originates from when we formed organically, as a group of artists and friends, in the lobby of the Flea Theater.

A lobby is a place of gathering, of welcome, of community—sometimes even of shelter. We like to think we reflect that; our group is a gathering of singer-songwriters who support each other’s work and write music that aims to bring people together.

But you know what? We’re lobbyists too. All of us feel passionate about our communities and using what influence we have to help those communities out. As part of that effort, we’re pleased to announce the first of many in a new video series: In the Lobby with The Lobbyists.

We’re traveling around the city and beyond, visiting nonprofits we care about and playing music in their lobby. Through video, music, and interview, we hope to spread the word on these, our “special interest groups,” highlighting their mission and, most importantly, how ALL OF US can aid that mission.

We’re excited to get the word out, so we would be grateful if you would share in your networks. More to land in the coming months!