1. A band from New York City, with an eclectic sound drawing on roots, pop, and a bunch of other sources

2. A theater collective that creates new actor-musician musicals, several of which explore complex moments in the “American Mythos” and unpack these narratives through music and story

3. People who hang out and/or play music in a lobby

The Lobbyists believe that Black Lives Matter

As a predominantly white collective, we are doing some deep introspection and will be restructuring our collective to be a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive group. In the coming weeks and months, we will be announcing the kinds of actionable steps we are taking moving forward.

We encourage our fans to find ways to become better allies and to take part in dismantling systemic racism and anti-blackness. This link is to serve as one of many resources for white people and parents to deepen our anti-racism work. We have taken pledges to We See You White American Theater, and Broadway For Black Lives Matter, to hold ourselves accountable in our work and demanding substantive change for BIPOC artists in the American theater. Lastly, we encourage you to donate to Black Lives Matter.

Together, we can make this more than a moment. Together, we can bring everlasting change. We hope you will join us.

–  The Lobbyists

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