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We've created this webpage with all of our content organized for our application. Below you will find content from our last collaboration, SeaWife. You will also find our new tracks for our next project, The Golden Spike.


SeaWife is a haunted cautionary tale that envelops its audience in joyous pleasures, wrenching horrors, unbearable heartache, and the most glorious of nautical adventures. Playwright Seth Moore, Director/Developer Liz Carlson and folk band The Lobbyists bring you a concert play of monumental scope.

What horrors are held for Percy--a sailor with most natural talent, but spurred on by tragedy. A madman at the prow with a tempest in his heart, his tale is one of tugging, a man pulled apart by the two sides of his very nature, all as he rises to be the whaling fishery's greatest hero.

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SeaWife Press

“The songs [are]...marvelous...the musicianship impressive and the performances energetic...”
- The New York Times

"...charming...enchanting...impressive...SeaWife creates a lovely balance of music and stagecraft that provides a most unique spectacle."
- Entertainment Weekly

"terrific music by The Lobbyists"

-The New Yorker

"SeaWife is more than an unusual evening of musical storytelling—
it’s a testament to the power of theatrical collaboration."

- Backstage

"...a rare experience, an inspired union of story, music and acting, all performed at the highest level"

- The Inquirer and Mirror


"Singing and stomping their way into the swirling, blubbery heart of American Whaling, The Lobbyists have crafted a sea-going masterpiece."

-Nathaniel Philbrick (author of In the Heart of the Sea)


Upcoming Project

golden spike banner.jpg
 Chinese Immigrants working on the railroad

Chinese Immigrants working on the railroad

 Golden Spike Ceremony at Promontory Point

Golden Spike Ceremony at Promontory Point